GLASGOW: British authorities were dumbfounded after discovering £900,000 in hard cash stuffed in plastic carrier bags during raids on the shops and home of a grocery tycoon of Pakistani origin, British media reported.

According to a report, investigators found £400,000 at Mohammed Ameen Mirza’s luxury home and a further £500,000 stashed in a safe at one of his stores.

The discoveries were made during a probe into an alleged £4million VAT fraud, the  report said.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and cops took part in the operation at Mirza’s villa in Glasgow’s Pollokshields and three stores in the city. They searched his Nisa outlets in Cambuslang , the Gorbals and Haghill, and £500,000 was discovered at the shop in Cambuslang in bundles of notes.

A source said the Officers just couldn’t believe the amount of cash they found.

“There seemed to be notes stuffed in any container available. Money was found in plastic carrier bags and paper bags.

“Cash was also discovered all over the house.

“The biggest surprise came when the shop safe was opened and £500,000 was found.