Islamabad: PTI leader Arif Alvi has said his party has not appealed to JI to back its candidate in the polls for NA speaker slot, otherwise JI would have supported PTI.

“We have not appealed to JI to lend support to us, otherwise JI would have supported us,” he said this while journalists today outside parliament house.

He alleged official resources were used to seek win for Ayaz Sadiq in NA-122. Even then the difference remained 1000 or 1200 votes, he added.  This election will not leave make any difference in democratic process. “Ayaz Sadqiq has won the polls in NA-122 for the time being. No comments can be offered unless an evidence of rigging comes to light against him,” he remarked.

He held that non declaring public holiday on Iqbal day is a good step. To my views the entire nation should work.  He went on to say, no betterment can come to country unless the murderers and dacoits are apprehended and money laundering like incidents are reined in.

He regretted that thousands of children are dying due to non availability of clean drinking water in the country and on the other hand war of grabbing power chair is continuing in the country.