BAHAWALNAGAR - The police officers must strictly monitor the incidence of heinous crimes and should improve investigation method.

Bahawalpur Regional Police Officer Idrees Khan emphasised during his visit to the district here on Tuesday. He o directed the police officers to come down hard on drug peddlers, gamblers and those possession or dealing in illegal weapons. “Purge your respective areas from robbers and dacoits and let the public feel secured,” he underlined, adding that make the public speak through performance that the police are truly a public-friendly force. Mr Khan acknowledged the district police performance and showered the DPO with praise. The RPO interlinked the role of media and police, underscoring that both the organisation should play a proactive role for the betterment of society in their own style. He also sought ‘fair cooperation’ of the media-men, saying that it is their bounden duty to pinpoint wrongdoings in the society.