I work in a local manufacturing company which is located at Port Qasim. Leaving office after sunset is normal in my department. I am used to this routine and reach home late, which is normal. Last week I witnessed an incident on the National Highway while I was going back home after work. The traffic movement on this road is very slow due to the repair work in process because of which street crime is also increasing. I noticed 2 people on a motorbike standing next to the car right in front of mine, trying to snatch stuff from the driver on gun point. The driver was trying to resist and also tried to call for help but the snatcher brutally hit the lower part of the gun on the driver`s head, grabbed his phone and wallet and ran away. I have never seen such a vicious act before in my life. The driver was bleeding badly.

It has been 8 days and I am still frightened because it can happen to me any day because my route to office and back is the same. My appeal to our government and other relevant authorities is that they should pay attention to this route and make the construction work fast as the slow pace is causing such harm to the road users.


Karachi, October 8.