Sadly, I am from a neglected village of the district Kech namely, Kolahoo. This small village is neglected in all sectors be it education, healthcare, human rights or any others. But one of the major problems the people of Kolahoo are confronting is healthcare. However, there is neither a facilitated hospital nor pharmacies and one cannot find a single doctor, so the people living there are compelled to visit cities like Quetta and Karachi for medical treatment.

In fact, there are some people who cannot afford to go anywhere and then suffer in silence owing to the lack of basic health facilities. Balochistan is deemed to be one of the biggest provinces of Pakistan, but nothing is being done to save its nearby villages’ residents in destructive situations. This is my humble request to the government of Balochistan to please look into the matter and find its solution as soon as possible.


Turbat, October 7.