The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in charge of keeping a close check on illegal occupation and encroachment of land in the capital city has found itself in the middle of a very hypocritical mess. The reason is that a huge number of CDA employees have been found involved in such corrupt practices and CDA refuses to take any action.

A lot of the parking and playing areas adjacent to state owned buildings have been illegally occupied. Over 13000 applications and cases are lying pending in CDA’s records. More than half of them are of CDA’s own employees, and CDA refuses to take any decisive action against them because they are the people of the organisation. The Enforcement Directorate of the CDA is yet to come up with a feasible solution to the problem at hand.

Properties like the Centaurus, Safa Gold Mall and other high end properties have cases of land encroachment issues but the CDA is hesitant is taking actions against their own employees, and their line of argument is that these are old properties and action against them will be an extended process and will eventually involve going to court. CDA wants to avoid that and instead legalise old encroachments to stay away from extended procedures.

However, this stance of the CDA makes each and every case that they have taken up null and void. Especially when their own employees are involved in the criminal activity that the body is empowered to take action against. And if they choose to make concessions for their own employees than this selective justice makes the entire effort redundant and useless. The existence of CDA as a regulatory body no more remains just after their choice of legalising the old illegal occupations.

CDA believes that the responsibility of protecting parking and play areas lies with the Environment Directorate. If they are not raising the issue, then CDA does not have a place to involve itself in the process. They believe that the Enforcement Directorate lacks the manpower and resources to take action. In 2014, CDA wanted to establish a police station under their command. They believed that this would push the scrutiny process further and ease out CDA’s enforcement responsibilities. They believe the same plan should be used in this case as well.

However, the plan is flawed because this will only add more manpower not willing to take action against their own people. This is something the government should take notice of and without any leniency, those guilty should be charged. And it is about time the utility of the CDA is brought to question.