Railway is the most important travelling department of the world and in Pakistan as well. Most of the people travel by railway train. But some crucial fault move to back it in our country. Few days ago I went to Sukkur railway station for reservation. There was a long queue at the booking office. Every body was exhausted want to reserve their respective tickets, however officer did not give any satisfactory response to people. He was talking on mobile phone instead of doing his job. Eventually irresponsible act of officer and his negligence disappointed people. 

As I departed from Sukkur to Hyderabad, some police men stopped me at station asked me about my destination. They offered me comfort place in train in return of some money. I was shocked by this whole incident of corruption. 

High authorities of railway should take strict action against negligent employees and save their own department from irresponsible people so that railways are run smoothly. 


Sukkur Sindh, October 22.