Pakistan is one of the Islamic countries of the world. In Islam women and men enjoy equal rights, unfortunately in Pakistan women have no value or importance. They are treated just as wives of houses but their emotions, feelings and happiness are not understood. Women should be allowed to make their own decisions but generally families deem it fit to make most decisions for females. Secondly, in our country the moment a woman is born most of her decisions are made for her. However, when a boy is born, his family would try to give him a chance to do whatever he likes. Women are not allowed to go outside. But why? Don’t they have rights? Doesn’t Islam allow her to move? Is this the way to behave with women? Don’t they have emotions, feelings and happiness? Don’t they want to enjoy their lives? Are they are not equal to men? Yes, they are equal to men and we need understand their emotions. However, women are thought to be nothing. Until women and men are working together, shoulder to shoulder, this country wouldn’t develop or progress. 

So I want say that women should be given value and importance and we should consider them as ‘us’ when we give them their basic human rights. 


Balochistan, October 22.