BAHAWALPUR   -   The district police, during the month of October, arrested 1,111 criminals including 158 wanted outlaws involved in different crimes and recovered stolen articles worth more than Rs7.5 million.

  According to police sources, Bahawalpur police registered 868 cases out of which 25 were dismissed as they turned out to be false. The police arrested 25 criminals involved in murder cases, and 22 involved in cases of armed robbery. During a crackdown on professional criminals, the police traced out six different gangs and arrested 19 criminals recovering more than Rs6.4 million worth stolen articles.

During a crackdown on illegal weapons, the police arrested 64 criminals and recovered three Kalashnikovs, four guns, 55 revolvers/pistols, 1 carbine, and 194 bullets. In a crackdown on drug-dealers, the police arrested 101 criminals and recovered 32kg of charas, 2kg of opium, 6,014 litres of liquor, 675 litres of lehan, and 14 liquor brewing furnaces.

  During an operation against gambling dens, the police arrested 62 criminals. To ensure implementation of National Action Plan, the police arrested 21 people for violating Amplifier Act and produced them in court.

  In an operation against wanted criminals throughout the district, the police arrested 22 wanted criminals of category A and 136 of category B and presented them before court.

  Bahawalpur District Police Officer Ameer Taimoor said that crackdown on criminals would continue, and no one would be allowed to take the law into hands.