Attock - Around 900 education officials of Punjab Education Monitoring Force are seeking a regular service structure after serving the department for more than a decade, The Nation learned on Thursday.

Officials said that the chief minister Punjab education monitoring force was established in 2004 for monitoring the performance of schools in the province. Around 900 monitoring and Evaluation Assistants were hired on contract.

The officials said that the hired officials’ future is uncertain as they have worked for the government for more than a decade but have no job security.

The officials were hired on nominal salaries and their work involved visiting the schools, following the schedule and reporting the performance of any institution to Punjab government.

Official said that the Punjab government’s initiative showed a positive result and improvement in the performance of the schools was observed.

“Teachers and students’ attendance was impressively noted because of monitoring and evaluation of teams’ performance,” said the official. 

The official said that each MEA visits 70 schools in a month for inspection of the institutions. According to an official, the government ignored the performance of the officials and no service structure was provided to them. The official added that the 900 officials didn’t get any salary increment in the last 14 years.

Official also added that some of the MEAs have also died during their service but no relief has been given to their families.

Director Monitoring and Evaluation Force for School Education, Rana Abdul Qayyum informed The Nation that the government had hired ex-servicemen for the monitoring of school education.

He said that initially they were given a one-year contract which was later extended on the performance of individual.

He said that the government acknowledged their performance and rules are under preparation for their service structure.

He assured that government is taking serious measures for regularization of these officials.