MIRPUR (AJK)   -  Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that Indian forces were engaged in committing gruesome atrocities and human rights abuses in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

He was talking to Chairman South Asia Desk in British Parliament Jane Lambert, says a message released to the media on Wednesday night.

"Kashmiri youths are killed during siege and search operations by Indian occupation forces. The brute forces also target children, women and elderly people in the IOK" he said.

He said that Kashmiris were being blinded and their faces terribly wounded by the use of infamous pellet guns which were used nowhere in the world. "Indian forces have tightened their noose around the people of Kashmir only because of their demand for freedom. Education, health and freedom of expression have been denied to Kashmiris," he added.

The Premier told Lambert that out of frustration of its failures and strong resistance by Kashmiris in IOK, Indian forces opened unprovoked shelling from across the LoC on citizens of AJK living close to border. "Educational institutions, hospitals and public transport in AJK are targeted by the occupation forces," he pointed out.

"International human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Asia Watch have reported on the reign of terror and human rights abuses of Indian forces. Even recently UN human rights commission has categorically pointed out Indian forces HR abuses in its report and held the forces entirely responsible for all what is happening in IOK," he said. "The world is getting aware about realities of Kashmir conflict now," he remarked.

Mr Haider said more than 500,000 Kashmiris had been martyred since 1947 to date and more than double of this number had been pushed into Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. "Just in October and November in 1947, more than 250,000 Kashmiris were massacred which is the largest number of killing after the World War-II."

He said the unmarked graves in every nook and corner of Srinagar were witness to the brutalities of Indian forces. Kashmiri youths struggling for liberation were arrested, and killed after being subjected them to brute violence.

Haider told Lambert that Indian forces targeted the civilians living near LoC. "Our educational institutions, hospitals and public transport are special target of Indian forces." A school van was recently targeted near border.

The Prime Minister expressed profound gratitude to European Parliament for paying special attention to Kashmir issue. He expected that the EP would take further initiative and exert pressure over India to stop its grave human rights violations. He also informed Lambert about the development taking place on Kashmir at international level especially the UN human rights commission's report on HR violations in the held valley and permanent human rights commission by the OIC. The chairman South Asia Desk assured the AJK premier of all possible cooperation and support from his organization.