LOS ANGELES:- Courteney Cox has reportedly become obsessed with tarot cards. The former ‘Friends’ actress has her own personal tarot card reader who is giving her insight into her future and helping her make decisions in her life with the aide of the occult practise.A source told America’s OK! magazine: ‘’Courteney’s always been a control freak when it comes to her life and her career. But suddenly she wants the advice of her personal tarot card reader. There’s always a stack of tarot cards at Courteney’s house waiting to be read.’’–CM

Courteney - who is in a relationship with Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid and has 14-year-old daughter Coco from her marriage to David Arquette - is said to find that the guru’s work has a calming influence on her life and has improved her thought process and she wants to get more readings.