ISLAMABAD - Newly-appointed Gilgit-Baltistan Governor Raja Maqbool Maqpoon has requested the federal government to replace GB Chief Secretary Babar Hayat Tarar who transferred principal secretary to the governor, The Nation has learnt reliably.

In September, President Arif Alvi appointed PTI GB Chapter President Raja Jilal as GB Governor on the advice of the PM. According to sources, Chief Secretary Babar Hayat Tarar had visited China without approval of the government and the governor took notice of it. In a letter to GB chief minister, he asked him to take action and seek explanation from the chief secretary regarding the visit without approval. They said that Secretary to Governor Mir Waqar wrote letter to the chief minister with the approval of governor on the issue.

Chief Secretary Babar Hayat Tarar also took exception to the explanation from him regarding China visit and issued the order of transfer of Mir Waqar.

The governor suspended the orders of chief secretary regarding transfer of Mir Waqar and directed him to continue work on same position, the sources added.

A close aide of the governor told The Nation that Governor Raja Jalal had brought the situation into the notice of federal government and it had assured the governor that it would transfer the chief secretary within a week or two.

He said that several opposition members of GB Legislative Assembly had lodged complaints against the chief secretary’s attitude and demanded his removal from the post. He mentioned that Tarar had served in Punjab and PM office during the PML-N government and had good links with PML-N top leadership, therefore, was ignoring the governor’s orders.

Talking to The Nation, press secretary to the GB governor confirmed that a tussle between the governor and chief secretary started with the transfer of the secretary to governor. He said that the governor had written to CM GB regarding the visits of chief secretary without of approval of competent authority.

Few months back, Tarar snubbed a man over demanding health facilities publicly and people criticised a lot on social media on his way of treating the common people in capacity of chief secretary of GB.

The federal government had appointed Tarar as chief secretary GB few days before general elections 2018. Tarar is a grade-21 officer of Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) group.