Islamabad - The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) claimed on Thursday that the pharmaceutical exports of the country have increased to 230million dollars because of the facilities provided to the industry.

The statement issued by Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan said that in last three years, exports of pharmaceuticals have increased from 160 million US dollars to approximately 230 million US dollars. 

Statement said that DRAP facilitates the pharmaceutical exports resulting in boost of export bills of for the year 2017-18. Similarly, attributing changes in macro-economic indicators like GDP, import and export in general, to Pharmaceutical products is grossly exaggerated by the complainant.

It is important to understand that the importing countries are continuously changing their requirements for the imported medicines. DRAP is providing consultation and one window operation to the manufacturers to meet the registration requirements of the importing countries.

Statement said DRAP is working to ensure availability of quality assured, safe and efficacious medicine in the country. Due to the fair practices adopted by Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan for registration of drugs, licensing and market surveillance, some elements involved in sale and manufacturing and sale of unregistered/ smuggled drugs are trying to mislead authorities and general public to gain their vested interests.

DRAP is improving its functions of registration, licensing, quality assurance and laboratory testing by introducing regulatory reforms, Common Technical Document (CTD) for registration of pharmaceuticals and biologicals,

2D barcode printing on packages of pharmaceuticals, track and trace system, international best practices, completion of computerization of decades old record, automation of registration, licensing, inspection, laboratory testing and pharmacovigilance by introducing Integrated Regulatory Information Management System (IRIMS), National Essential Medicine List (NEML), 2018.

All such measures promote transparency and efficiency of DRAP making it more effective to curb elements involved in the illegal practices.

Statement said that following the direction of Supreme Court of Pakistan a team of DRAP officers along with FIA and NAB Teams inspected the Everest Pharmaceuticals and reported that firm is involved in manufacturing of unregistered, spurious and sex medicines. Gross violations of the Good manufacturing practices were also observed.