LAHORE - Local tyres manufacturers have urged the authorities to take notice of burgeoning market size of smuggled Kabuli Tyres being sold in every part of the country and putting the lives of citizens in danger, besides hitting the local industry.

Industry stakeholders said that undocumented smuggled tyres are easily available in the market and smugglers have created stable markets for selling them in the country. “The GoP should re-evaluate the data of the items being imported via the Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) and see if the numbers of tyres being imported are supported by the vehicle population in Afghanistan. Items under the guise of ATT are either unloaded in Karachi or come back from the Afghan border via smuggling. This needs to be addressed and customs department needs to ensure that this facility is not misused,” sources said.

The smuggled overage tyres are washed, re-stamped with latest dates, wrapped and sold openly in the market. Another practice is the selling of winter tyres in the market. These are only to be used when temperature is zero celsius and in higher temperature they will fail and put the users life in danger.

Sources said unless and until goods are caught, sellers jailed and influential smugglers incarcerated nothing will happen and GoP will continue to bleed just as the unsuspecting public does after buying these totally inappropriate tyres. “Authorities should make sure no tyres without documents are sold in the market. LEAs should raid the markets and seize the tyres that the dealers cannot show papers for,” sources said.