Blue economy is observed as dissociate of socio-economic activities and development from environmental debasement. It optimizes the benefits which can be drawn from marine resources. A country can achieve long term prosperity for the befitting of their citizens. This profitability can get from the sea or oceans to which we called as blue economy.

Blue Economy means to bring seawater and its resources for sustainable economic development. In generally people of south Asia and especially to Pakistan blue economy is a new concept. Many of the people do not know about this.

If we look to the geography of Pakistan, then the maritime state in the Indian ocean covers 1050 km long coastline and the Exclusive Economic Zone covers 240,000 square km. this maritime offers a large area to Pakistan. Due to this maritime and sea, Pakistan can provide much economics opportunity and can generate employment for the people. This coastal sector can act as a backbone for the national economy. It is the need of time to improve ports and its network of infrastructure.

There is no doubt that hundreds of challenges are there to initiate this prolific project. But once it starts; then the economy will rise in leaps and bounds. A huge investment is waiting in the fishery industry and marine leisure sectors.

So this is the time for Pakistan to endorse and industrialize the concept of the blue economy. A ministry ought to establish to work on it and bring out this hidden treasure. Seminaries should be conducted on it in universities; so that the youth becomes aware of it. I hope my words will not fall on deaf ears.