Most worryingly, Mirpur and Muzaffarabad a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck on Tuesday, leaving at least 30 persons, including women and children, dead in Mirpur district of Azad and Jammu Kashmir around more than 450 others injured, many of them seriously. Earthquake occur at about 4pm.The earthquake was 10km deep and felt in most of Punjab and some parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa .However, the worst hit was Mirpur ,it had played havoc between Jatlan and Khari Sharif, damaging hundreds of houses, vehicles and other infrastructure, in addition to causing physical losses and 13 people died and 150 injured between Jatlan and Khari Sharif .A Mirpur man said that he had never experienced such a harrowing earthquake where children were crying and elders were reciting kalama in time of earthquake. Moreover, it is the second major earthquake to have hit AJK in two decades. Earlier in 2005, more than 46,000 people were died in northern district of AJK. mainly Muzaffarabad, after hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake. Overall deaths were more than 73,000. However, The Tuesday’s earthquake had felt several vehicles either toppled or damage by the debris of fallen boundary walls. Mirpur’s peoples are in massive struggle and last night rain increased their problem, where people were unable to stay at home neither outside. It is a suggestion for government of Pakistan that Mirpur’s need serious help as soon as possible.