HAFIZABAD-The Flour Mills Association Hafizabad has refuted the allegations of shortage of flour in the market.

According to President Flour Mills Association Faisal Langah, adequate quantity of wheat flour is available with the mills as well as market and it is being sold at fixed price. He said that 20kg bag of flour is being sold to the retailers at Rs786 at the rate of mills, which is being sold to the consumers at Rs808 per bag. He further said that if any retailer is selling the flour at more than the fixed price, the government should take stern action against them. He further said that complaint, if any, against the unavailability of flour, be reported to the flour mills as well as the food department. He said that at the moment there is no shortage of flour in the district and rumour is being spread by some vested interest to defame the present government.



In a crackdown on profiteers and hoarders, the district administration has raided different warehouse and seized 676 bags of sugar, one thousand bags of different grams, eight thousand cartons of vegetable ghee.

According to the directive of the government, Assistant Commissioner Malik Abbas Zulqarnain Awan raided the godown of Sheikh Khalid and seized 375 bags of sugar. He also raided the godowns of Sheikh Kashif and sized 300 bags of sugar, 150 cane, 200 carton and 200 tons of vegetable ghee. The godown of Sheikh Muhammad Younas was also raided and the raiding party recovered 7000 cane of ghee and one thousand bags of different grams. The raiding party also raided the godown of Sheikh Arshad Saddique and seized 600 tons of ghee hoarded for creating artificial scarcity.

The district administration has warned the wholesalers that strict action would be taken against them if they were found hoarding essential commodities. They also warned of stern action against the profiteers and called upon the wholesalers and retailers to provide essential commodities to the consumers at cheapest rates possible to provide them relief.