ISLAMABAD             -      Pakistan People’s Party yesterday said the government’s ‘ordinance factory’ was working in full-swing. Terming the government’s disposition to pass ordinances as “ordinance-gardi (violence),” PPP Parliamentary Leader in the Senate Sherry Rehman said, “Only the government’s ordinance factory is working in full-swing in the country right now, all other businesses are shutting down due to its disastrous economic management.”

She said the opposition called a requisition to discuss some of the most significant issues and to give voice to the concerns of the people who are suffering because of them but neither the ministers nor the federal secretaries care to be present in the houses to at least note down the concerns.  

She added that the The government is taking unconstitutional steps. Its PMDC Ordinance is in clear violation of the Supreme Court which said there would be no legal justification of an ordinance if the Senate and the National Assembly disapproved it. The ordinance has made hundreds jobless overnight.