CHINIOT-Despite reaching at the scene, the officials of Kandiwal Police could not saved a woman being killed in the name of honour here in village Lolay Shareef, Tehsil Lalian.

The incident occurred when a team of the Kandiwal Police was on patrol near village Lolay Shareef in Tehsil Lalian. The officials heard to alarms being raised by a woman, “save me save me,” from a house. The four members police team entered the house and spotted Pervez, son of Sultan Nissuana, cousin of the victim woman, holding hands while sitting on legs of Rubina Bibi, daughter of Nasir while Asif, son of Nasir, brother of the victim was tightening a rope around the neck of woman who was trying to escape the cruelty. As soon as the police challenged them, they fled the scene but when the police examined the woman she had died of strangulation. The police came to know that Rubina had been married to one Qamar Sultan of Village Mandrana some years ago but the man reported unhappy with her over her character and finally divorced her 3-4 days ago.

The villagers started taunting her brother Asif and family about loose character of his sister due to which they were in intense stress and they planned to murder the woman in the name of honour. Being eye-witness to the incident, the Kandiwal Police registered an FIR against the accused both under sections 302/ 311/34 PPC and started raids to arrest the accused.

District Police Officer Syed Hasnain Haider informed that there is zero tolerance for honour killings and he has instructed all the SHOs of district to become the complainant in such FIRs so that their relatives, becoming the complainants, could not rescue culprits under Qasas and Diyat Laws.