KARACHI   -  Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) chairman Mustafa Kamal on Sunday said that none of the political leadership, either PPP or PTI, has done anything for Karachi and the PSP is the only party that owns the metropolis.

“The PPP rule is now over,” he said while narrating as to how the opposition alliance PDM, which included PPP, spoke nothing on the Karachi issues during their rally in the city. He was speaking to a public gathering of the PSP at the same venue, Bagh-e-Jinnah, where the multi-party alliance of the opposition parties, PDM, held its gathering a couple of days ago.

The opposition parties only spoke of their agenda during the rally, he said adding that no Karachi leader was part of the PDM rally, showing how much ignorant the alliance was regarding the city.

They even did not speak a single word over Karachi issues, he said that the only demand they came up with was to overthrow the incumbent federal government. He asked that one of the organisers of the PDM rally, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), had been ruling the province for the past 12 years but when the party chairman Bilawal Bhutto spoke during the rally, it seemed that his party had never ruled in the province.

“You made a mistake Bilawal by speaking lie at the face of Karachiites and they would now respond to you,” he said.

While terming PSP as the real stakeholder of the city, Mustafa Kamal said that gone are the days when the city was forced to shut down on a single call and when Karachi issues were set aside for political gains on a single call from Rehman Malik.

“We now own this city,” he said while announcing the PPP rule from Sindh was over from now onwards.

He further mocked the PTI-led federal government and said that those who won in the name of a change were yet to realise that they had assumed power. Even the PTI has left the Karachiites to die of the issues faced by them, he said lamenting as what gains they had achieved by coming into power.