BUNER   -   In continuation of its ongoing campaign against inflation, unemployment and interest-based economy, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan on Sunday organised a mass rally here, passing clear message to the rulers to either fix the problems of the people or get ready to go home.

The JI Ameer Senator Siraj-ul-Haq addressed the gathering, which was participated by thousands of people from all walks of life.

“This government has proved itself worst than previous regimes of the PML-N, PPP and Pervaiz Musharraf. It has destroyed the economy and damaged every institution in half of its tenure. People are ready to march towards Islamabad to get rid of the Imran Khan regime if rulers remain unconcerned to the miseries of the masses,” declared Senator Siraj. 

The JI, Sirajul Haq said, was the only party, which was acting as a real opposition and raising voice in the interest of the country and common man. The participation of thousands of people in today’s rally even in a far-off area of the KP, he said, was a referendum against the PTI, reminding the prime minister his promise to resign from the office if even one thousand people gathered against him. “Trump has gone and now its time for his friend [Imran Khan] to go home.”

Senator Siraj said the JI was the only party, which could bring real change in Pakistan. If voted to power, he said, the JI would introduce the interest-free economy and a powerful and across the board accountability drive.  

JI KP chapter head Senator Mushtaq Ahmad also spoke on occasion.