The government has announced the reversal of peak and off-peak energy rates for household consumers. This move will increase the electricity bills of household consumers by almost 20%.

A lot of people don’t know this but by simply comparing new and old bills of the same months with same units used, they will see that the off-peak bills will be 20% less.

Therefore I request the Prime Minister to stop the reversal of peak and off-peak energy rates for consumers. Instead, the government should end free energy units for government employees, which is also a requirement of a PHC verdict.

To improve electricity transmission, without installing new transmission lines, WAPDA should be asked to install community battery storages at different locations.

These battery storages store power at off-peak times and provide it to their local grid at peak times. Due to the different rates for both times, such battery storages can pay back their original cost in 8 years and can be an attractive Private-Public partnership scheme.