ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) has finalised all the arrangements for the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Pakistan Futures Tennis Tournaments as the qualifying round of the opening fixture kicks off from October 11 at PTF Tennis Complex, Islamabad. Secretary PTF Major (Retd) Rashid Khan said in his statement on Wednesday that PTF is going to hold three back-to-back ITF futures first time in the history of Pakistan. The two events will be held at Islamabad while one at Lahore. The first leg of the tournaments will be played from October 11 to 18 while second from October 19 to 25 at Lahore. The third leg competitions will be played October 26 to 31 at Lahore. Each tournament is pursuing prize money of US$10,000. As many as 70 players from India, Romania, Chinese Taipei, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Malta, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Japan, Korea, Italy, Iran, Morocco, Slovakia, Thailand, Germany, Spain and host Pakistan are participating in the international tennis competitions. The International Tennis Federation has issued the list of top 18 players for the first tournament. Aqeel Khan Pakistan is the only player, who got the name in the list. The world number 460 Leongte Bogdan Victor from Romania is the top seed player of the first tournament. Sunail of India is the second while local player Aqeel Khan of Pakistan is the 4th seed of the tournament. Pakistan will award four wild cards to deserving players for the first tournaments. The sign-in for the first tournament will close on Friday (tomorrow) for the qualifying event, as the players without PIN Number will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.