KARACHI - Due to terrorism and economic crisis, the highly qualified and brilliant people are forced to leave the country in search of better future in the West. The initiative of Higher Education Commission (HEC) to convert brain-drain into brain-gain is also being damaged owing to inadequate policies of the new government. However, thousands of MBBS graduates are produced annually from different medical colleges and universities in the country, while 50 to 60 per cent of the fresh graduates leave the country to pursue for better professional careers in foreign lands. Conversely, the feeling of insecurity is also compelling common man to migrate towards prosperous countries, including Canada, Australia, England, America, New Zealand, Germany and South Africa. However, it is difficult to figure out how many Pakistanis are living abroad but it is roughly estimated that nearly six million of them have left the country for good. According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia, figures from the 2001 Canadian Census indicate that there are about 75,000 Canadians who claim Pakistani ancestry. World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), in its study, has cautioned that in the health sector emigration hurts their ancestral homelands. "As doctors, nurses and medical specialists continue to leave African, Asian and Caribbean countries, the health services, they leave behind become depressed and inadequate, especially in Africa, which is already suffering the rising toll of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases that kill and impair economic development," it adds. The studies also recommend that countries that are losing talent should set up more liberal and open regimes that create a positive environment for business and the well-educated persons could contribute for improvement of economy and the society at large. The HEC, under the leadership of Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rahman, has got back hundreds of expatriate professional Pakistanis to help the government impart quality education. Apparently, the initiative looks like dead as the government's polices reveal total lack of interest towards education. Commenting on the issue, General Secretary Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Dr Samrina Hashmi, said that it is felt that MBBS graduates are produced for America because students have begun to excel in their studies with a view to get the US visa. She said, "There is no career structure for medics. This is disgusting that a medical graduate starts his career with Rs 6,000 salary in Sindh, which is equivalent to the salary of a watchman. Despite the fact that 17-grade salary is recommended for a doctor, there is no implementation. Terrorism and killing of doctors in the country are the main causes behind the rampant brain drain, which is causing great loss to the country. General Secretary Karachi University Teachers' Society, Prof Dr Abid Hasnain, said that current economic crisis, insecurity and political instability were the major causes behind brain drain in the country.  He said, "The teachers feel insecure professionally as there is lack of opportunity for them in the country. The aim of the HEC to convert brain drain into brain gain is also being damaged because hundreds of students and teachers studying abroad will definitely prefer to stay there or pursue their careers in foreign countries due to economic crisis and terrorism in the here.