KARACHI - About 52 ex-employees of the NDFC have urged the Ministry of Finance to pace-up efforts to get them adjusted into the National Bank of Pakistan. In a joint statement issued on Wednesday, the members of the NDFC action committee Kamran Rabbani, Tariq Wajid and Yousuf Noori said that after losing hopes from other quarters, they have approached the Ministry of Finance for their adjustment in the NBP. "We the remaining employees of former NDFC, merged into the NBP, request the present Government to consider hardship being faced by them due to an unwise decision by the previous regime", they said. The National Development Finance Corporation was formed by the first elected PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1973 for the industrial and economic development of Pakistan and it played the role it was deigned for. On August 2001 an operational ban was imposed Shaukat Aziz on the NDFC barring it from performing its normal business on the basis that NDFC was causing loss to exchequer, they said, adding if we look closely there were so many public organizations which were causing similar losses such as KESC, WAPDA, Railway and PIA. In the beginning, it was proposed that the employees of NDFC will be absorbed in National Bank of Pakistan as done in the case of Mehran Bank Limited on the instruction of Federal Govt to save them from unemployment. But after sometimes it was announced the no one be will retained and only a few will be retained to handover records to NBP and that too for a maximum period of six months. Now after a period of six and half years they are still working as employees of NBP with all benefits of NBP and NDFC as well. Initially there were less than twenty taken by NBP on the six month non-renewable contract on the pretext of handing over NDFC work to NBP employees and this figure has raised upto 126 and still working. At the time of closure of NDFC the total staff strength was 600. It is evident that out of those 600 employees at least 126 got their jobs in NBP, using their influence with then Ministers and some with PM, with the same package and grade as they were having in NDFC. The ex-NDFC officials said that with the revival of true democracy and establishment of Peoples Government in the country following the philosophy of Shaheed Quaid -e-Awam Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed-e-Jumhooriat Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto to provide shelter, clothing and bread, we expect justice by being absorbed in NBP as once said by Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto "I will revive the institution closed by this regime and reinstate/re-employ the employees expelled".