A factory engaged in manufacture of Israeli nuclear weapons beneath the Negev desert has been unearthed. It is significant at a time when US has simply gone mad in its anti-Iran phobia. According to the leak by a technician who worked for the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, the factory has been functioning for the past 20 years, Manufacturing thermo-nuclear weapons with yields big enough to destroy entire cities. Israel has been estimated to produce around 200 nuclear warheads of varying destructive power. The nuclear experts confirm that Israel is now ranked as the world's 6th most powerful nuclear power after US, Soviet Union, Britain, France and China. And its arsenal is far greater than the remaining nuclear powers. Israel has thus secretly developed itself into a super power in the Middle East posing a serious threat to its Muslim neighbors. After an authentic write-up by the Sunday Times about the facility in Negev, the US should be ashamed of its feigned ignorance about this deadly project of Israel. Even more shameful is Washington's present tirade against Iran's nuclear development. It should take a realistic view of the Middle East problem and discard its unscrupulous vendetta against Iran. The IAEA, UNO and other world institutions who are blindly following US in its malicious campaign against Iran must also come to senses, take a neutral stand on the issue and call for the removal of all restrictions imposed on Iran. -RAFI NASIM, Lahore, via e-mail, September 23.