LAHORE - Market remained in grip of bears in continuation of the trend that has been prevalent for the last five weeks. The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark 100 index lost the previous day gains and closed at 9,178.73 points level after loosing 2.75 points. Experts said that most of the activity remained confined to small scrips while listless trading was witnessed in blue chips. Volume picked up slightly to 2.039 million shares as compared to 1.56 millions on the day earlier. Technically, situation hasn't changed much over the last few days due to listless trading activity and zero volatility. Analysts expected further slide following removal of floor to around 5,000-6,000 levels. They advised the investors to sell in anticipation of further drop in values. Known banker Shaukat Tareen was appointed advisor to the Prime Minister. This is one positive news market got after a long time. State Bank of Pakistan is planning to cut CRR and SLR requirement for banks by 100 bps. That will ease liquidity position and help ease pressure on market. Earlier, the market without any change in trend opened at last closing level at 9181.48 points. After remaining at same level for almost an hour it jumped to 9183.72 points to establish intraday high but failed to advance further or stay there and came down. Loosing earlier as well as yesterday gains it went down to 9178.73 points and closed there after loosing 2.75 points. Free float index started day trading with nose dive, opening 18.94 points minus at 10043.41 points and remained there throughout the day. It finally closed there with out any movement. All shares index lost 1.45 points and closed at 6639.03 points. On the other hand KMI kept yesterday closing level and closed with out any change at yesterday closing level of 11224.18 points. In today trading 70 scrips remained active and out of those 10 closed in plus and 13 in minus column while 47 kept last closings. Volumes also declined after two days of improvement and only 1256000 shares were traded. SEPCO topped today in volumes with traded volumes of 454000 shares and closed fractionally plus. From top thirty volumes leaders 9 went up 15 went down and 6 kept last level. At Lahore Stock Exchange market opened in plus column at 2824.15 points plus 0.30 points. LSE revised its yesterday closing upwards and that is why market lost 0.52 points though it closed just 0.01 points minus from yesterday closing. Any way market closed at 2823.84 points. Trading was reported in 84 scrips and out of those one improved four went down and 79 kept last closings. Volumes were cut short to 71500 shares and today volumes leader Flying Cement contributed volumes of 20000 shares towards that volumes and closed with handsome gain of rupees 0.98.