KARACHI - A respite for the citizens with regard to the power supply seems to be over as loadshedding has once again begun to disturb industrial and commercial activities in the city after Eid holidays. During the Eid holidays, the supply of electricity remained sufficient as there were no reports of power failure in the city. This relaxation provided hope that the situation would further improve. But all dreams have shattered now as the KESC has once again started prolonged power cuts in the metropolis. It is pertinent to mention here that during the Eid holidays markets and industries remained closed, which reduced consumption of electricity in Karachi. But as soon as these activities in the city gained their momentum, the KESC re-started its old practice. The city is now again facing about five hours of load-shedding daily. It is occurring on rotational basis including two hours each in the morning and evening and one hour at night. The city is facing acute shortage of 300 to 400 MWs on daily basis. This is due to the fact that the KESC has now again resumed its strategy of saving fuel expenditures. This issue was highlighted in the dark phase of loadshedding during last month when the company cut down its expenditures by reducing its production through furnace oil", said a source. The relaxed situation on Eid provided an idea that the production can be improved if sustainable steps are taken in this regard.   It is worth mentioning that the reducing oil price in the international markets has not brought any change in the attitude of the KESC. Ironically, when oil prices in the international market shot up, the company gave the excuse that its financial condition did not allow it to buy highly expensive furnace oil. But now when oil price has been reduced internationally, the KESC failed to change its power production strategy. This problem needs to be addressed by the new management and concrete steps should be taken in this regard.