KARACHI - The producers of LPG have increased the LPG prices to Rs1243 per ton on Wednesday. After fresh increase of per ton price, the per ton price of ex-field LPG has reached to Rs52133 from earlier price of Rs50890 in the country. According to statement of All Pakistan LPG Distributors Association issued here on today, on this increment in the ex-field LPG price, the chairman of All Pakistan LPG distributors association has strongly protested. He said that despite the decrease in the price of crude oil, the distributors have increased the price unnecessarily.   The producers have increased Rs6860 per kg of ex-field price during last 9 months. The increased consumption of LPG in the automobile sector has reduced the import bill of oil up to 20 %, he stated and added that the increasing price of LPG has reduced its usage up to 20 %. If the hiking in the price of LPG continues the local consumption will reduced to extremely alarming situation, he warned, adding that this will lead the industry to its historical downfall. He suggested that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani should constitute a task force in order to have check and balance on the local production of LPG, losses and profits, rate of selling and report to prime minister.