KARACHI - Like all lands, that are inherent to man and mankind, dominated solely for the purpose of projecting wealth in terms of acres. The story of Makli Hills is no different, either ways. The ensuing controversy that rose a few days back, pinpointed out that Makli Hills were under the hold of the Minister Saussi Paleijo's father. The claims widely circulated in the media. But the real story is diametrically different. The occupied land within the jurisdiction of Ghulam Qadir Paleijo, is said to be Deh Nareja, which lies next to Deh Makli. The ongoing rivalries between Shirazis and Paleijos led to this claim that Paleijo occupied the land of Makli. Since no boundaries mark off the jurisdiction areas, it is slightly difficult to maintain the actual length of the property of Paleijo, but it does not henceforth include the Makli land. Thus, it erupted a war between the two clans and both started to create obstacles in the way of each other in order to secure their property. The tug of war that continues between the two clans Shirazis and Paleijos allege one another of digging watercourses to save the Deh and even the use excavators. It is worthy of note that Makli Hills are of the largest world necropolises, with a diameter of approximately 8 kilometers. The are supposed to be the home for some 1,25,000 Saints; located near to Thatta. Today, Makli Hill is a United Nations World Heritage Site visited by both pilgrims and tourists. Sources confirmed that the Curator of the area had risen a question over the jurisdiction of the land, but no sooner have the Revenue people visited the area. Conflicting reports were soon sidelined, he maintained. Hence not Makli Hills, but Deh Nareja is the rightly owned property of Saussi's father Ghulam Qadir Paleijo.