Everyone in Pakistan has condemned the dastardly bombing of Marriott Hotel. However, no discussion has ensued on various security lapses and paucity of firefighting equipment. The Public Accounts Committee has also not issued any report about its investigation of the funds utilized by the Disaster Management Group since its creation after earthquake in Kashmir. I think the Parliament must be called in session to discuss these issues as well as how the terrorist threat can be reduced optimally. A still more discomforting aspect of the situation is the ever-changing version of the PPP government about the Marriott Hotel incident. That is fast eroding trust of the nation in the PPP leadership because people think it is trying to deceive them. People have not forgotten either how the lawyers' movement has been recently subverted by PPP. There is also extreme resentment against PPP because of the skyrocketing prices caused by the highest ever tariff hikes of gas, electricity, oil etc. -GHULAM OMAR, Peshawar, via e-mail, September 23.