North Korea has deployed more than 10 missiles on its west coast for what appears to be an imminent launch, a South Korean newspaper said on Thursday, two days after the North fired two short-range missiles into the Yellow Sea. It would be an unprecedented test if the North fired all of the surface-to-ship and ship-to-ship missiles, but intelligence sources quoted by the Chusun Ilbo paper said they thought the North may launch five to seven of them. The North has forbidden ships to sail in an area in the Yellow Sea until October 15 in preparation for the launch, an intelligence source told the paper. The North fired two short-range missiles on Tuesday as part of routine military drills, South Korea's defense minister said on Wednesday. The activities come after a senior U.S. nuclear envoy visited the North Korean capital last week in a bid to convince the state to return to a disarmament-for-aid deal and halt plans to restart an aging nuclear plant that makes bomb-grade plutonium. "If the North fires a large number of missiles, it would be difficult to see it as routine exercise," the source was quoted as saying.