ISLAMABAD- President Asif Ali Zardari has asked the Secretary Education and DG Federal Director of Education (FDE) to submit a report till October 15 on 100 per cent Literacy Programme in the Capital.  The initiative was taken by former Education Minister Ahsan Iqbal to ensure 100 per cent enrolment at the primary level within two years in the Capital City.   It was decided that in the admission session to ensure the enrolment of every child at all cost no child would be refused to give admission because of incomplete documentation. On July 30 this year at a ceremony Education Secretary Jehangir Bashar had urged all the heads of the schools and colleges to ensure maximum enrolment of children till August 15 and insisted on creating space for about 6,000 out-of-school children in the Capital. It was also announced that the ministry in collaboration with the donor agencies would provide free notebooks, uniform, stationary and transport facility to the students to achieve the target with in two years in the capital. But the on ground situation tells that nearly 50,000 children are out-of-school only in the Capital. And due to overcrowded classrooms, lack of furniture and transportation facilities, and understaffed faculty, this year too thousands of children were refused  enrolment. Severity of the issue can be gauged from the fact that even parents are running from pillar to post to get admission for their children even in class one and two but in vain.     In another move, President of Private Schools Network Dr Afzal Baber has also written a letter to the President in which he has requested him to include the private sector as well in the programme as without the involvement of private sector and NGOs, government alone cannot achieve the goal. While talking to TheNation the president of the network, which represents 180 private schools of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), informed that such kind of a letter also had been written to Sectary Education to offer the services of private sector but he paid no attention on the proposal.    He said in rural areas of Islamabad around 40,000 children are out-of-school and 10,000 children are out-of-school in urban areas. He also alleged the report, which the FDE and Ministry of Education have been preparing to submit the president, is fake and not based on ground realities.