The suicide attack at Marriott hotel has jolted the whole industrial sector but particularly the exporters who have now lost all hope of convincing their foreign buyers to visit Pakistan. Once all five-star hotels were considered safe, indeed the safest of places, to stay by foreigners that visited Pakistan. Whenever there was a disturbance or a terror attack in the city, these foreigners used to immediately rush to the safety of their five-star hotels and stayed in till things normalized. But these days, the five stars of hospitality have become a sign of danger and it is extremely difficult to convince foreign buyers to come to this country because of the terror tag attached to them. No wonder after the terror attack in Islamabad, virtually all foreign visitors left the country on the first available flight. It would now be very difficult for Pakistani businessmen to convince their foreign counterparts that Pakistan is a safe place for investment. The terror attack at Marriott was the last thing that Pakistan needed at this point when it was already stewing in widespread corruption and mismanagement. I think the ever-increasing unemployment is the major cause of terrorist activities. We all appeal to the government to improve governance level to get rid of terrorism so that the deteriorating economy can be improved. -SUMBUL HAIDER, Karachi, via e-mail, September 23.