UNITED NATIONS - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon Tuesday urged Pakistan and the United States to resolve the controversy over American military raids into Pakistani territory in pursuit of militants, emphasising respect for the country's sovereignty. "I would only hope and urge the concerned parties to resolve this issue, respecting each other's concerns as well as their sovereignty and territorial integrity," he said in response to a question at his monthly press conference. On the precarious situation in Afghanistan and the growing calls for political, rather than military solution, Ban said, "I believe that there is no perfect military option. I believe that there should be more political dialogue to resolve these issues ... This is desirable". At the same time, he said there were realistic and practical concerns and challenges of eradicating, fighting against terrorism. "That is why we need military operations. Therefore, military operations and political dialogue and political solutions should be harmoniously balanced. That is what we have been working on". The Secretary-General said his special representative in Afghanistan, Kai Eide, has been given a unique coordinating role by the international community. "He (Eide) has been coordinating in his much strengthened capacity among all the major international actors in Afghanistan," he said.  "We hope that based on the international community's support, Afghanistan's govt leaders should also do their own part in strengthening and promoting more inclusive political dialogue". with all the spectrum of Afghanistan " do more for good governance, fighting again, eradicating this corrupting practices prevalent in Afghanistan, including all the opium and drug trafficking. Those are all what the international community and the Afghanistan Government should do". The Secretary-General said, "Whenever I had a meeting with President Karzai of Afghanistan, I have emphasised those points. First strengthening the inclusive political dialogue, good governance and also strengthening their relationship with their neighbouring countries, particularly with Pakistan. When I met President of Pakistan (Zardari), I also emphasised this point, and I was very much encouraged when President Karzai attended the inaugural ceremony of President Zardari of Pakistan and they had a joint press conference committing themselves to peace and stability in the region".