Allow me to voice my frustration over the much-publicized 'flirtatious' behavior the Pakistani President displayed during his meeting with the American Vice Presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin. If his personal remarks, unbecoming of a head of state, were not embarrassing enough for the Pakistani community settled in America, most of us at home were dumbfounded. We are also rather peeved at the spin his party is putting in his defense; that ladies in US take it as a compliment? I have lived in US for some 20 years. In those couple of decades, I have learned a thing or two about the American culture, so when I say the following, I speak from personal experience: a) Well over 50% Americans consider themselves to be morally conservatives. The party of Sarah Palin, the Republicans, pride themselves in being a party of social and moral conservatives. b) Had I ever passed such lewd comments at my job or business, I would have been fired from my job, or at the minimum, would have been sued for sexual harassment. c) Have we already forgotten the price President Bill Clinton had to pay for his 'flirtatious' behavior? He was impeached for it I would have never asked the following, had Mr. Zardari's apologists did not put-up such morally bankrupt defense for his embarrassing antics: how would have we, and especially Mr. Zardari's apologists, reacted had a foreign dignitary passed similar sort of remarks against a female leader of Pakistan? -ADNAN GILL, Los Angeles, USA, via e-mail, September 30.