Since Musharraf pushed Pakistan into the unholy War on Terror, what have we seen except bloodbaths? Before September 11, 2001 the overwhelming majority of Pakistanis didn't even know the word 'suicide attacks'. Now even a child of five years is well aware of the term 'suicide attack'. Thousands of innocent Pakistanis have died and tens of thousands have been injured, some very grievously to the point of being paralyzed forever. The unknown enemies of humanity commit these hideous attacks. Yes, I call them 'unknown' despite the fact that whenever a carnage takes place in the country, the masters of our fate put the blame on Al-Qaeda and Taliban. No doubt, both these groups are terrorists and involved in the activities destabilizing Pakistan. But let us not forget that both these groups profess belief in our religion Islam. And a follower of Islam can't even think of carrying out attacks on mosques, and on innocent Muslims offering their prayers therein. Then, who are those that do this? I think we have to look at different angles. -NABEEL ANWAR DHAKKU, via e-mail, September 22.