LAHORE - Contemporary art of young artists reflect the transition of our society as well as the sensitivities that are no longer rare thing. We live in a world where the capitalist money race is also raging while the extremism in its worst ever form is also on the rise. How the human civilization is bent upon its self-destruction in this part of the world as well as our light relaxed moments far away from the maddening crowds of cities are some of the subjects chosen for the group show by four young artists of the NCA's BFA batch of 2006. The show opened for general public at the Alhamra Art Gallery on Wednesday attracting a number of art lovers. Entering the gallery the visitor is treated to work of Safia Abbas done under the theme 'Honey...' Different series of contemporary miniatures in mixed media these artworks are refreshing and surely will not bore anyone. Light and hilarious images tell different stories from the life around us - different individuals in various moods making forward in life. Marria Khan has presented some simple but thought provoking animations. The human figures in the shape of cartoons are shown on the course of self-destruction. The images suggest that the individuals that blow themselves up in suicide are not influenced by some outside force but are themselves responsible for the action of destruction. The images inflate and swing from inside to outside and then the cartoon character bursts like the suicide bombers. The tragic reality of our society is highlighted through animations. Sehr Jalil presents 10 mixed media artworks on the theme 'Change - I keep changing for the world and the world keeps changing for me'. The young artist influence by here visit to Egypt is trying to make dialogue with herself as well as the visitor about the changes that come in our lives or around us. Using images of ancient gods and goddesses of Egypt as well as that of Queen Neferati who was considered the symbol of all beauty and power. Journey and transformation are quite dominant in works. The artist has put in local images like rickshaws, Minar-e-Pakistan and wording like 'zehrili nagan' to present the chaos and anomalies in our modern society, which is in transition. Anubis the Egyptian god of death and underworld is weighing the souls of humans and the chaos of modern life is also shown in the composition. In one of the paintings of Neferati she has put in her own image, which is difficult to understand. The painting 'You are too good for me' shows Neferati opposite a donkey - the poor beast of burden while in another monkey sits at the throne. She mocks the modern society wherein due to realpolitik culture even the people who do not deserve come into power and decide the destiny of their people.  She uses elaborate symbols, language and colours to highlight the chaos in our society. The artist has not used the canvas for creating artworks. One artwork has been done on the raxine cover of rickshaw while two have been done on hoods of a bed. Hurmatul Ain's artworks done mostly with pen, gouache and poster colour on paper have the theme 'My family and other animals'. She depicts the people in different moods and at leisure. These artworks are all heart-warming images make you smile and wonder. The exhibition at Alhamra would continue till October 15. It is refreshing and one is certainly not bored by the display.