Does law of the land, constitution, rule of law, all absolve the President from being tried in any court of Pakistan for his criminal or unconstitutional act/acts? I ask this question with a tinge of shame and am shocked at audacity of the legal brains that put up this sort of defense for office of the President. According to their convoluted logic, the President of any country may wring his exchequer dry through corruption, kickbacks, commissions etc, sell this nation to alien masters for peanuts and still cannot be tried by any court? How strange is it? Are the Presidents, with unbridled powers like those of Pharaohs, even above the laws ordained by Allah? This exception from law might be acceptable in the case of a President who follows the constitution and restricts himself to the ceremonial constitutional functions of the job only. If he never violates the rule of law and constitution, he may not face any court. But those who violate it, as our President does in all impunity, cannot be spared from the writ of law and constitution nor from the wrath of Allah in the hereafter. -SONY CHEENABY, Gujrat