In a talk show that I saw on Business Plus today, the Kerry Lugar Bill (or KLB as it is named in the media) was under discussion. Mr. Zafar Hilaly, a career diplomat of Pakistan in UN, proposed submission to the legislation that complies with the mutual agenda of the PPP government and USA. Mr. Hilaly seemed to sidestep the issue that who accepted and signed the Kerry Lugar Bill during Mr. Zardaris recent visit to US and how could it be 'accepted without the parliament endorsing it. I wonder whether negotiating such agreements falls under the functional and constitutional preview of President Zardari? The 170 million Pakistanis must have been shocked by the derogatory intention, rendition and implication of surrender of our sovereignty to Americans, and that too for such a paltry sum of money. The nation feels disgraced, our corrupt ruling elite does not. -KHAIR BUKHSH, Quetta, October 7.