Like Henry Ford of 1922 (Ford Motor Company, Detroit) who wanted to control every facet of his factory workers lives, the present American ambassador in Islamabad wishes to prevail on every aspect of Pakistans political life. It is obvious that the ambassador perceives that this country of brown people is fortunate to have her amidst them, a true representative of the most exceptionally virtuous nation on Earth, guiding and enlightening Pakistanis in all sorts of political and moral etiquettes - and yet this ungrateful nation complains of her political and professional conduct - recently on a minor infraction (as she perceives it) of writing a letter to the editor of a major newspaper in a futile attempt to influence its editorial policy. But the problem is that the ambassadors self-perception is far from accurate; it is simply deeply flawed. The public in this country does not accord such a heavenly attribute as the exceptionally virtuous nation to America nor does it welcome the growing political and military US presence here. Quite the contrary, the majority of Pakistanis consider the US a major threat to their country and to the entire regions peace and political stability. The fact of the matter is that most Pakistanis would like to see the US pack up its military-political establishment and completely stop its domestic and foreign policy intervention in their country. There are no doubts or questions about the public sentiment towards America. The ambassadors self-perception of the US role in Pakistan is simply not acceptable to the vast majority of this countrys citizens and it will not be workable here. The quicker the Americans understand this, the better it is for them - the less the political bloodshed. The ambassador would be well advised to stay in her own space and place. And it is absolutely certain that any transgression on her part will be met with massive public disapproval. Let us be even more candid and blunt in our analysis on the nature of the contemporary US-Pakistan alliance. Todays Pakistan is at peril; a pernicious state of existence. This alarming situation is because of the ever-expanding and massively profane American interference and intervention in its domestic and foreign affairs. The irony is that the incumbent leadership in Islamabad, instead of curbing the American mania, is in fact encouraging an insidious full-scale US political, military and socio-economic meddling in its affairs; Americans are being offered a free hand to do whatever pleases them. It is in this context that the ambassadors audacity in writing a letter to a newspaper must be seen and examined. The said issue is not about the newspapers editorial flaw or the handling of the matter - that has turned out to be satisfactory. Neither is there an issue about the respected columnists professionalism or political judgment. We the Pakistani nation know why the US is here and why it is expanding its tentacles all over Pakistan and the entire region. We are aware of the precise nature of geopolitical control of the immense hydrocarbon resources of the Caspian Basin that the US has planned for decades and now is the process to consolidate through war and political-economic occupation. We are aware of George W Bushs premeditated war of energy imperialism unleashed against Afghanistan for future American control of Central Asian Islamic States. We are aware of the history of the US unbridled proxy war for the interests of Unocal, Enron and other American-British companies. We are aware of the American tactics - we know of Hamid Karzai, John J Maresca (first US ambassador to Afghanistan) and Zalmay Khalilzad (second American ambassador to Afghanistan) - all of them being the former Unocal consultants. We are aware of the Musharraf-Karzai pipeline agreement of February 8, 2002, as an initial step in Afghanistans invasion and the plans for future energy control in this region. We are aware of the growing number of American bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bulgaria, Turkey and Kuwait - and of course in Pakistan now. We are aware that your war in Afghanistan and Pakistan is an evil and a wicked war disguised under the pretext of a so-called 'Global War on Extremism. We are fully aware of your intentions, plans and modus operandi. We are also aware that we live in an age of angels and demons - the demons masquerade as angels and angels denounced as demons. We know that we are being demonised at the alter of your vested interests. The most suitable response to the said act is for the Pakistani government to ask President Obama to recall the ambassador After all, this is exactly what the American media would demand had an event remotely similar to this happened in the US - and justifiably so The fact is that entire Pakistani public is fuming at your ardent keenness to so publicly humiliate and colonise this nation Mind it: it is not Henry Fords Detroit of 1922 Go home, ambassador The writer is a professor, political analyst and conflict-resolution expert. E-mail: