ISLAMABAD - PML(Q) has cast Hussain Haqqanis shadow over the Kerry-Lugar bill by quoting from his book Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military, his critique of Pakistans nuclear programme and why the US must oppose it, and then showing the similarity of language between this and the language of the Kerry Lugar bill. The opposition seemed to be in no mood to mellow down its attack on this threatening bill, as the debate continued in the Lower House. The bill has triggered differences in Pakistans state institutions, observed PML-Q Parliamentary Leader Faisal, adding the bill was prepared in the US Congress so that they (the US) could definitely keep their interests. Faisal said the bill was a test for the Parliament so we should take it seriously. Opposing the bill strongly, Faisal said, It is our collective responsibility to safeguard our security interests. He said that PML-Q rejected the bill totally and would not accept this insulting aid for the country. Pakistan Muslim League(Q) totally rejects this bill, he said and termed the bill a propaganda against the security agencies of the country created by the US and the western countries. He said that according to the bill, they (the Americans) could also gain access to any of the citizens including parliamentarians in the country whoever they felt dubious. According to one of the clauses of the bill, they can also investigate any citizen of the country, he further said. He said that it was also mentioned in the bill that RAW and Mossad would be active in the region which could prove dangerous. Raising his concerns over the bill, Aftab Sherpao said the bill was engineered to enhance American influence in the internal affairs of the country. He said it was prepared by two American senators with the objective of assisting Pakistan in view of its role in the war on terror. He said that even before being formally signed, the bill had created divide between the civil and the military institutions. Sherpao wondered whether Foreign Office and other state organs were taken into confidence by the Pakistans ambassador and the lobbyists in Washington during formulation of the language of the bill. He said, Either it was negligence of our lobbyist or was their male fide intention. He said it was the defining moment for the country and the Parliamentarian shouldnt accept the bill. He said that the country would practically be bound if it took even one dollar as aid. While defending the clauses of Kerry-Lugar Bill, Deputy Chairman Planning Commission MNA Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali said it was for the first time that the US administration was providing the much-needed assistance to a democratically elected government of the country. He also criticised the language of the bill. He urged the members of Opposition not to reject the substance of the bill totally and come out of rhetoric and adopt a cool-minded approach. I can understand the anti-US emotions but we should understand our interests, he said, adding that he had the objection why the names of ISI, Quetta and Muridke had been mentioned in it. He further said when relations between India and Pakistan were already defined in Simla Accord, Lahore Declaration and Islamabad Declaration, there was no need to mention India or Afghanistan in the bill. He said that mentioning of names of Quetta and Muridke in the bill was a mistake of the US administration. He also quoted the example of Indians who by entering into a nuclear deal with the United States were receiving 20,000 MW power projects and their economic growth rate was 8 to 9 per cent. Please do not throw it away, he said, adding that it was an aid package and it would benefit both the people and the Armed Forces of Pakistan.