The stand taken by Muammar al-Qadafi, leader of Libya for the rights of the people of Kashmir at the UN was commendable. So is the decision of the Chinese Embassy in Delhi to grant visas to citizens of Jammu and Kashmir on a separate paper extraneous to pages of the Indian passport. These are two very significant developments because they do not have any input from Pakistan, or influence of OIC on the politics of Kashmir. Why has Libya taken a pro people stand, which is at variance with the routine lip service rendered by OIC? We know OIC has failed in keeping the pledge made in item 10 and 11 of the Kashmir resolution adopted at the Islamic Summit held in Morocco in December 1994. The Libyan stand on Kashmir at the UN General Assembly has exposed the duplicity of OIC on Kashmir cause and put the government of Pakistan on the spot too. The Kashmiri leaders fooling the people have also been exposed. The issuance of Chinese visa on a separate paper, extraneous to the Indian passport does seem to have revved up new interest in Kashmir politics. It would be unfair if Kashmiri leaders drum up the optics of the Chinese decision and fail to work towards the cumulative jurisprudence of Beijings intentions. The Chinese decision has a tactical dimension embedded in serious thought. It would be very unwise now for India to continue to avoid its contractual obligations and international commitments with the people of Kashmir. It would be wrong and unwise for Pakistan also to nudge past the urgent need to clarify between 'accession, 'self-determination and 'aspirations. Nor can it unfairly hope to manipulate 'wishes and aspirations through an interchange of political culture on either side of the LOC. I think many more countries, in pursuance of their obligations to UN Charter, would revise their policy on Kashmir and support the right of self-determination. The Libyan stand on Kashmir and the new visa policy of China emanate from the jurisprudence of the Kashmir case. -DR. SYED NAZIR GILANI, Secretary General JKCHR, October 7.