For the moment, USA and UK must be satisfied with Mr. Zardari and the fact that there is no sign of the hundreds of thousands of protestors on streets against the Kerry Lugar Bill. But they will surely rise as they rose against the mercenary Musharraf who had sold his people to America for a fistful of greenbacks and surrendered our national interests to prolong himself in perpetuity. It would be most unfortunate if the USA/UK combine underrated the angry reaction against Kerry Lugar and overestimated the power of their puppet PPP government and its coalition partners. It is strongly hoped that the Long Marchers of recent history, the lawyers, constitutionalists, civil society activists, intellectuals, workers and ordinary poor who stood against Musharrafs unconstitutional rule, rampant corruption and repeated sell-off s to India & USA would not let the nefarious design succeed. They should not forget that they have to free their great nation from the influence of the IMF, WB, UK, India and USA. Back home it is also discomforting to find that the poor have been pounded into a jelly serving by the unprecedented costs of essentials and utility tariffs. To add to their misery by the spoonfuls, the services like electricity, gas, water are being hiked regularly. The affairs of state appear to be despotically, and unconstitutionally, controlled by the President. Parliament has become a rubberstamp body of opportunists because of open collusion of the PPP, MMA, MQM and ANP on every issue that suits the vested interests of the respective coalition partners. It is time for a change and Long Marchers need to come out. -NOORUDIN, Paris, October 7.