Islamabad - President Asif Ali Zardari and his troubleshooting aides failed to fix responsibility for the Kerry-Lugar Bill fiasco because of resistance from within powerful PPP lobbies, TheNation reliably learnt on Thursday. Sources privy to these developments said that President Zardari and his close aides were ostensibly disturbed over the Pakistan Armys reaction and sought to remedy the situation through various options, including making some scapegoats but failed because of resistance from vested interests. According to insiders, the informal brainstorming session in the Presidency that lasted till late night on Wednesday, deliberated the issue and tried to find lapses that had occurred with regard to governments failure to take all the stakeholders on board, including PPP coalition partners as well as armed forces of the country. The session that bogged down, failed to find a satisfying response and decided to wait until the foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi returns from his foreign visit on Friday, a source said requesting not to be named. This, he said was done on the request of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani. Sources said that President Zardari defended Pakistans ambassador to the USA Hussain Haqqani when some participants tried to raise their fingers on him for being responsible for the fiasco. Sources were of the view that President Zardari did not agree with Haqqanis critics demanding his removal. Sources also confirmed that visible cracks have developed within the ruling PPP headed by President Zardari himself. Background discussions with PPP parliamentarians suggests that a minority of PPP members were not happy over the way KLB has been handled leading to embarrassment to the party. However majority of PPP members still seemed happy over the bill and regarded it a diplomatic victory for the PPP government.