LAHORE - Terming Kerry-Lugar Bill a sensitive issue, Muthida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Quaid Altaf Hussain has urged the government to convene a round table conference for providing opportunity to political parties to express their views. In a telephonic address to the participants of a seminar here at Lahore Press Club on Thursday, he expressed hope the PPP government would take the political parties into confidence on the issue of national importance. Writers and Thinkers Forum organised the seminar, which was also addressed by MQM Deputy Parliamentary Leader in the National Assembly Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi, and other party leaders. Altaf Hussain expressed hope the PPP government would act in a democratic manner and ensure continuity of the process. He stressed upon taking the people into confidence on the issue for avoiding any crises. Referring to the stance of his party on the issue, he said the parliamentarians and legal experts of MQM were evaluating all the clauses of Kerry-Lugar Bill. He said both the legal experts and parliamentarians would submit their recommendations to the Central Coordination Committee that would give policy statement on the Kerry-Lugar Bill issue. MQM is a democratic party and it formulates policies keeping in view the interests of the country and the masses. MQM is not ready to support or oppose anyone on any issue without evaluating all pros and cons. It will take stance on Kerry-Lugar Bill after evaluating its all clauses and keeping in view the national interests, the MQM Quaid said. Appreciating the move of giving autonomy to Gilgit-Baltastan, he stressed upon the government to take measures for resolving the problems in Northern Areas. He said MQM would fully participate in the upcoming elections in Gilgit-Baltastan. Refuting the allegations leveled against MQM for being involved in violence, he said MQM was a peace loving party and it opposes violence and all kinds of terrorism. He said MQM was not a terrorist outfit but a victim of state terrorism. Referring to the reorganisation of MQM in Punjab, he said foundation of a peaceful revolution would be laid down by holding a major convention in the province in near future. He said the political philosophy of MQM-realism and pragmatism would be presented before the public through the educated and honest youth. He said MQM would give a blow to the prevailing political culture in the province that revolves around feudal and rich families. He vowed to send the educated youth from the middle and lower middle class to assemblies to sit beside the feudal and rich people. To a question about making alliance with the parties whose leadership has feudal background, he said MQM had no option but to swallow the bitter pill due to the absence of political forces whose leaders belong to middle or lower middle class. Addressing the seminar, Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi said the faces of rulers did change with the passage of time but unfortunately the parliament didnt witness any change and fate of the nation was decided in drawing rooms. He further stated whether it was democracy or dictatorship, power had always belonged to a few families. He said the MQM was willing to give voice to the neglected Punjabi who had been facing a constant exploitation on the hands of the elite. He said MQM was the only political force, which had given respect to the middle class and the neglected people. He said it was MQM which must be credited for electing educated people from lower middle class and humble background in the national and provincial assemblies. He said MQM showed that its representatives belonging to a mediocre background were capable of delivering and the current condition of Karachi and Hyderabad was a proof of that. He said MQM gave opportunity to Mustafa Kamal, a former telephone operator of 90, to become to the District Nazim of Karachi and was declared as the second best Mayor of the world. He said only the representative who belonged to the masses could understand well the grievances faced by the common people. Expressing concern over the constant rise in electricity crisis, he said he feared that people could take to streets if the situation wasnt controlled and no step was taken to address the grievances of the nation. Besides, he also lamented over the prevailing sugar crisis in Punjab saying there were many 'veiled faces behind this problem.