ISLAMABAD - Criminal negligence, on the part of the officials concerned of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICTA) is causing desecration of mosque as well as inconvenience for the traders and shoppers of G-9 Markaz market. Mosque, Jamia Masjid Siddiq-e-Akbar was built in 1993 on encroached land. The site map available with the civic authority shows that the piece of land, where the mosque situated, is actually the exit way from G-9 Markaz market. However, due to the closure of main exit way the motorists use other ways, which causes worst traffic jams in the market and other adjacent link roads, especially at evening time. In 2001, after a dispute erupted between the activists of two religious factions upon the ownership of the mosque, the CDA officials first sealed the mosque and later declared that the mosque was established after illegal occupation on public property and announced that soon the authority would demolish it. A wave of happiness was prevailed among the traders of G-9 Markaz after CDA sealed it and announced its demolition, but despite the passage of eight years we are yet awaiting the implementation of the orders on ground, Muhammad Ikhlaq Abbasi, General Secretary of Anjum-e-Tajran, G-9 Markaz, lamented. The mosque is in deplorable condition as it is closed for the past eight years. Wild bushes and shrubs can be seen easily in the lawn of mosque. Dwellers residing in surrounding buildings found it easy to dump garbage there. They dump items ranging from kitchen scraps to used baby nappies. The four-wall structure of mosque, for drug addicts, served as a sanctuary and whole the night they carry out their shameful activities there. Damaged and condemned signboards and bottles of liquor also found here and there in lawn of the mosque while shopkeepers used the premises of mosque for urinating. We held a lot of meetings with different high ups of CDA, Islamabad administration and Auqaf in this regard, however, they are using delaying tactics. Five days ago we held a meeting with Assistant Commissioner Asim Ayub and he also assured us that he will help resolve the issue, Zulfiqar Dogar, Chairman of Executive Council G-9 Markaz said. Scores of traders alleged that the Islamabad administration and CDA was paying no heed towards the issue. Mustafain Kazmi, spokesman of the CDA, while talking to TheNation, said that regarding the issue he would consult the officials of three CDA departments and would answer tomorrow. An official in ICTA said that the administration was in close contact with all the stakeholders involved in the issue and they would resolve the issue on war footings. Our department officials held several meetings with the CDA officials and soon we will decide the fate of the mosque, he added.