SHARON Stone hates dating men who are younger than 40. The 'Basic Instinct star claims she prefers more experienced lovers, but is only ever approached by muscle-bound men in their 20s. The 51-year-old actress told to Prestige magazine: Heres my issue - I dont get asked out by people close to my age - and I want to. I want to get asked out by someone over 40, not 25 or 30. Not that I dont enjoy younger peoples company or respect them. I just want to be with someone with life experience closer to my own. But I would like it if they worked out like a 20 year old. Expo When it comes to her own fitness regime, Sharon is an advocate of healthy eating and regular exercise because it helps her stay beautiful as she gets older. She explained: Ive developed a fitness programme - its mental, spiritual, physical, lifestyle, home. But it all boils down to just really accepting yourself and loving your age.