We would not have gone to beg for aid from US nor accepted this Kerry-Lugar Bill and the IMF loans that come with it if we were doing just one thing; paying taxes on our agricultural products being produced in Punjab. These agri-products are all produced by subsidizing inputs like urea and electricity used for running pumps and tubewells. That subsidy is paid from taxpayers money so those farmers dont have to buy these inputs at international rate and hence double their profits. The produced wheat is then sold to the public at Rs. 950 per 40-kg sack. This, according to my information, is even more expensive than the international price and the difference have to be paid by the common taxpayer. This means we are paying for the profits of these landlords from our own shallow pockets although only about two million people out of 170 million pay taxes in this country. -DR. KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI, Peshawar, October 7.